About Be Your Possible

Powering our possible — and medical research — one step at a time together

Founded in 2022 and born from Sermo CEO Peter Kirk’s harrowing experience with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Be Your Possible is a new charity that’s raising awareness and funds for medical research while inspiring us all to take steps towards our own possible.  Through Be Your Possible, Peter is running 1,000 half marathons by the 10th anniversary of his blood stem cell transplant—his “possible”—to raise money for the research and development of life-saving treatments.

Be Your Possible is committed to making a significant impact on the future of medical advancement while inspiring millions globally to find and take steps towards their possible—whatever that may be.

Peter, Torun, and Cooper after the first successful Run with Peter

Meet Peter Kirk, Cancer Survivor & Founder of Be Your Possible

Being neutropenic for 15 years and diagnosed at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic with Acute Leukemia (AML) racing through his veins, as well as double lung pneumonia, Sermo CEO, husband and father of three Peter Kirk is a cancer survivor who received a life-saving stem cell bone marrow transplant 8 months after diagnosis, in June 2021 at NYC’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

When Peter crossed the finish line of the 2021 NYC Marathon five months post-transplant, he knew that his life's work had only just begun. It’s now Peter’s mission to raise money for medical research – an integral part of improving patient outcomes – and empower and inspire others along the way.

Peter’s survivor story could not have been written without the crucial medical research that has advanced the science of stem cell bone marrow transplants.

He remains forever grateful to his 25-year-old donor who gave 850 million wonderful stem cells to save his life.

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A Life Worth Running

The harrowing story of cancer survivor, husband, father, and Sermo CEO Peter Kirk. Finding himself intubated in the ICU with double lung pneumonia and subsequently diagnosed with Acute Leukemia (AML), Peter receives a life-saving stem cell bone marrow transplant and emerges a changed man.