In just 20 runs over 3 months, Peter progressed from 200m to 42,200m – 211X his “possible!”

Peter went for a short run after the five weeks of slow recovery post-transplant to see how his body would do… and it was not good. After only 200 meters he had to stop. It was in that scary moment he knew he had to do something radical, so he decided to sign up to run the NYC Marathon just two and a half months later. See his progress as he achieved his first goal – the first of many to come.

See how Peter's pacing

Peter’s philosophy on accomplishing his possible is simple (and one we can all be inspired by!) – get started and don’t quit. See how he’s progressing towards his 1,000 half marathon goal with the promise of raising money for life-saving cancer research motivating each step.

Progress to 1000 half marathons

Peter's est. "finish-line" date

June 9th 2031

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